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DGDN - Season's Greetings / Upcoming Website Changes
Wed, 12-16-2009, 18:07 by Copelin | Print News Item - Send Away News Item

We here at DGDN would like to give a warm and heartfelt "season's greetings" to all of our members and their families / friends.


With the coming of the year 2010, I would like to take this time to make a few announcements in regards to DGDN:

- A possible redesign of the DGDN homepage as well as a skin to match on the forums (with a possible forum upgrade additionally).
*I will be working along side Cat when I make changes so that the site will retain the 'look / style' she desires best.

- New upload / download features to help promote a more 'active' environment.


I hope to see more activity on the forums in the coming months, have a great holiday season!


Feel free to discuss this on our forums here: DGDN Forums

-- -------------------------
- Copelin (DGDN Webmaster / Map Designer)
Previously known as Shadow_Wolf66

Starcraft 2 - Preview
Sun, 05-20-2007, 22:14 by Shadow_Wolf66 | Print News Item - Send Away News Item

This is just a small preview of Starcraft II.
We do apologize for the streaming, but at this time we are developing a streaming flash player.

DGDN Media Player - Starcraft II Preview

Source: IGN

Starcraft 2
Sun, 05-20-2007, 18:48 by Shadow_Wolf66 | Print News Item - Send Away News Item

With the announcement of Starcraft 2 on May 19, 2007 on the Blizzard homepage, we at DGDN are very excited to announce that we will begin to start a design section based around Starcraft 2.

Starcraft 2 is probably one of the most anticipated sequels for any of blizzard's games. In the coming months, expect a lot more to be added in the articles section regarding Starcraft 2.

The official announcement of this long anticipated sequel came on the official Blizzard website, after a week of time lining, which led most of us going to the website on May 19, 2007 to see the announcement of the big "?".

Even though we don't have much information regarding map editing, etc right now, we will work our hardest to bring you the most up-to-date information we can find, we want you to use DGDN to find your daily Starcraft 2 information! Our first bit of information comes from the official Starcraft II website, which can be found in our articles page for Starcraft 2 or just view it here.

In the coming months it will be our job to bring you information regarding this game, we are a design community that supports many games and we are very excited to begin supporting Starcraft 2!

- The Management

  AOK Dragon & DGDN's Seventh Birthday!
Mon, 04-30-2007, 05:18 by Cat | Print News Item - Send Away News Item

I wanted to let everyone know & come party with DGDN on this special day...............I doubt Rod or I thought AOK Dragon or DGDN would have lasted this long, but we are still here and going strong. WTG Dragon's, I am very proud of you all..............You can say hi here Party , hope to see everyone there. ;)

The Year Of The Dragon
Fri, 01-05-2007, 07:46 by dark_blade | Print News Item - Send Away News Item

The Dragon ( 辰 ) is the only mythical animal in the Chinese zodiac. It is associated with strength, health and harmony. We hope that these descriptions will apply to the team here at Dragon Gaming Design Network.

With so many experienced designers on board in our forums, what better place could there be to get help with any problems you are experiencing. Or perhaps you would care to challenge us all in the screenshot competition thread.

We hope that we can make this a great year for you, the designer, and that the year can be remembered fondly by the AoK online community as 'The Year Of The Dragon'.

New Members: Joab & Super_Cell_51!
Wed, 06-21-2006, 08:36 by Jeremiah | Print News Item - Send Away News Item

These two new members already had some time to settle in, but they weren't introduced to the public yet!
That is about to change... if you give me a moment! ;-)

Joab is known from SWGB Heaven, where he was one of the creators of GeniEd 0.5 for Star Wars Gallactic Battlegrounds. Now he works together with scenario_t_c on GeniEd 1 AoK Edition, which is coming along well. Welcome to the team, Joab!

Super_Cell_51 is known designer from AoK Heaven. He's currently working on several projects and one of them is Alfred the Great for AoK TC. For the other project he's planning on using the Rise of Nations editor. You too Super_Cell_51, welcome to the team!

  Help Us Welcome Into DGDN...
Wed, 05-10-2006, 10:57 by Cat | Print News Item - Send Away News Item

Please help me welcome into Dragon & DGDN: Citrus Caesar, Swordsworn and DarckRedd!. Citrus Caesar will be designing for AOM, Swordsworn will be designing for AOK and DarckRedd will be designing for Starcraft, so if you want to help us welcome them, then go Here and do so.
Welcome to you three and enjoy DGDN ;)

  Happy 6th Birthday DGDN & Dragon!
Fri, 05-05-2006, 04:30 by Cat | Print News Item - Send Away News Item

This month we turned six years old, as a result of this we have a few new admins. They are: The X-King, Danthered, Istari, ArticWind7 and Jeremiah! If you would like to come party with us and congratulate them, then go Here! Happy Birthday to all of the Dragon's past & present, I am proud of you all ;)

  DGDN Is Proud To Present: The War Of AoKH By Thunder77.
Sat, 04-29-2006, 06:56 by Cat | Print News Item - Send Away News Item

The War of AoKH

The Storyline: So, it's just a regular day in the forums. Except for one thing forumers have noticed, but have not spoken of. The new forumer count - it was through the roof! The staff of AoKH have always had an issue with the N00bs, but never anything really big. Although, every once and a while, the AoKH staff would have to send their Anti-Hack squad to quell armed rebellions outside of their security walls. This time, however, was much different. Nobody expected anything. The N00bs' power was beyond any sort of expectations, and they attacked out of nowhere. The casualty count was only 1, but it was one of the most endeared members. The HeavenGames staff would not allow their society to be overthrown by meer N00bs, so they launched a campaign to rid AoKH of N00bs forever. (keep in mind that they were attacking "N00bs", not "newbs", so any new people to the AoKH society, that are not dangerous, would be welcomed)
The Features:
1. Gameplay as myself, and other ficticious characters in the AoKH Anti-Hack squad.
2. Build and Destroy, Fixed-Force, RPG, and puzzle-like scenarios.
AoKH Thread. It is updated quite often, so I suggest you go here for any updates I make.

Enjoy this d/l everyone ;)

  Legends Of The Third Age: The Fellowship Of The Ring.
Thu, 04-27-2006, 02:03 by Cat | Print News Item - Send Away News Item

Liquid Fire Studios Proudly Present: Legends of the Third Age: The Fellowship of the Ring, for d/l.
An epic campaign about Tolkien's classic novel of the struggles against the dark forces and powers of the One Ring, The Lord of the Rings. The project is the product of two and a half years of hard work by a dedicated team of designers.

The Fellowship of the Ring has features such as:
- The world of J.R.R tolkein created in AoM for the
first time!
- 12 beautiful maps, pain-stakingly made to the
finest quality by some of the best Age of Mythology
mappers out there.
- The largest and most detailed modpack ever
created in AoM!
- Original and never before seen game play.
- Extensive and professional sound track.

This project is dedicated to the late, great
Flipbizcut (1979-2005).

We hope everyone has a terrific time playing this one ;)

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